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How to Find a Job in Today's Market

Conducting a new job search in today's market can be a daunting task. If you are going to be successful you need to understand and use the best tools that are available.  Here at MRI of Rancho Santa Margarita we recognize that we can't find every candidate that comes to us a new job.  However, as industry experts we can offer guidance and recommendations on some of the best resources and tools to use that will help you the most.


Get Noticed with a Well Written Resume

Having a properly written resume is extremely important today.  If it is not constructed correctly there are a number of problems that can occur, preventing you from getting noticed by all the right hiring officials.

  • An improperly written resume might never make it past screening software that hiring officials use.
  • If the resume does not contain the right key words and they are not in the proper location the resume may not show up in searches.
  • If the resume is not structured toward the job for which you are applying you may never get any calls.
  • If your resume is not written in a way that showcases your experience and accomplishments in the right way, or is missing critical information, you will not stand out from the competition.

Two of the best companies we know and recommend that help candidates put together professional quality resumes and avoid the problems listed above are: Resume Edge and


Consider Using a Resume Distribution Service

Once you have that well written resume you need to get it seen by as many of the right people as possible. Many of those right people are recruiters who specialize in your field and know of jobs that are unadvertised. But there are so many recruiters and how do you find all of them? 

Here is the a company that we partner with called Resume Zapper, that excels in this area. They will send your resume out to hundreds of recruiters that are looking for candidates with backgrounds and experience like yours.  We receive resumes here at MRI Rancho Santa Margarita from Resume Zapper and have found jobs for candidates from this service.  So, we can say it works.  Another company we partner with that provides a similar service is Email My Resume. Take a look at their website by clicking here:  Email My Resume.  Take a look at both.


Job Hunting is a Numbers Game

To get a job you need to be in all the right places at all the right times. Having your resume posted on all the right Electronic Job Boards can help. But with so many choices out there today it can be confusing trying to learn which ones are best for you. 

Of course there are the big three:  Monster, Careerbuilder and Hot Jobs, but there are hundreds of other smaller niche boards that employers and recruiters use and look at everyday.  It is estimated that 1.5 million employers and recruiters search these sites every day-so you need to be on these if you don't want to be overlooked.  One of the best services we have found that will post your resume on up to 84 sites and will help you get maximum exposure is Resume Rabbit.


Looking For a New Career?

Perhaps you are unsure what new career is best for you.  A service that gives you targeted career choices by analyzing your occupational interests and then testing your personality and aptitude could be very helpful.  One that does a very good job that we partner with is: Analyze My Career.


Search for Jobs Paying $100,000 Plus publishes the largest collection of online job listings and information for professionals seeking employment with incomes from $100K to $500K. The company's tools, content and community help empower individuals to find the jobs most important to them and to direct their resumes to prospective employers. The Company was founded by former Senior Executives from to service the needs of overachievers everywhere. Sign up for the weekly job newsletter today and search over 30,000 job listings per month!


Top Sites For Executive Search

Executive Search Online is a leading nationwide search services for executives. They are one of the largest on-line sources of professional and executive level candidates in the U.S., and each month receive thousands of resumes, from people earning $75,000 to $500,000. At this time there is no cost for job hunting executives to post on their site.

Named Forbes "Best of the Web" by Forbes Magazine. 6FigureJobs is the industry-leading site for Executive Job Seekers and Employers. Thousands of $100K+ jobs ranging from senior manager to "C-Level" (CIO, CFO, CEO, etc.). Jobs are posted from all types of companies, including Fortune 1000 to smaller organizations and top executive recruiting firms.

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